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Feature: “Facundo’s 2011 Cosworth Powered STi Sedan! Part 2”

Alright, so like I mentioned last time I posted the set I shot of Facundo’s car I would be seeing much more of this beast by the end of the summer. There were many granduous plans mentioned when I had met with Facundo to shoot in July, and he basically got them all tied together for this shoot.

The Cosworth build motor /w custom Cosworth cams finally arrived from Europe, and was quickly transplanted into the heart of the beast. A new set of Volk TE37SLs were purchased as well as another set of Mag blue TE37s for track wheels. On top of this a set of Takata’s, Brides, and a Sparco harness bar were added to the interior. This vehicle already possessed almost every Cusco suspension and performance part available and I tried to get as many detail shots as possible without being to repetitive. Oh yeh…..that Varis CF lip kit you see dressing the vehicle….only one sent to North America for a Sedan so far!

The only thing we missed out on for this shoot would have been rolling/rig shots which are coming VERY soon. Trying to plan some time this week to make them work, I will update this post once that happens! For now stay tuned…..


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Thanks as usual guys, enjoy!